What type of document/information do you need?

  • Web content
  • Brochures
  • Fact sheets
  • Client interviews and stories
  • Service or product descriptions
  • Press Releases
  • Speeches
  • Magazine-style articles
  • Manuals
  • Standard operating procedures
  • White papers
  • Book or booklets
  • Protocols
  • Training manuals
  • Scope of work

What type of writing / editing do you need?

  • Proof reading, line editing and copy editing. Catching grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes and making small improvements in the wording for clarity. Americanizing academic papers written by non-native speakers.
  • Plain Language / Plain English editing. Improving clarity, readability and bringing down the reading level. Simplifying complex topics. My natural writing is on 10th grade reading level and conversational.
  • Developmental editing. Helping you construct a document or book from ideas. What to include? What is your audience? What is the best tone? How to organize this mountain of ideas into some usable form?

What topics do you need?

  • My specialty is writing about medicine and health topics. I speak medicalese like a native.
  • I can translate legalese and policy wonkish into Plain English. I understand legalese and wonk-speak.
  • I work with small businesses of all types to make their ideas understandable to the public. I understand biz-speak
  • I can help you craft instruction manuals. I speak instruction manual and Ikea.
  • If you can make me understand your IT topic, I can put the ideas in writing. I helped craft demos and a user guide for a software company. I’m not fluent in IT Geek and can’t translate it flying solo. You have to make me understand.