Photo of Beth Pulsifer Anderson

My niche

I’m an ‘explainer.” I can help you explain things to your customers and clients so they truly understand.

I am a natural teacher. As far back as middle school, I used to re-teach geometry class in the cafeteria. My teacher just couldn’t explain the concepts well. But I could.

My Story

I learned to write in Plain Language out of necessity. My daughter had a serious medical issue before the internet even existed. My husband went to a local medical library and sweet talked the librarian into letting him make photocopies. He brought home medical text book chapters and medical journal articles. We were both from medical families and we started wading in. We scared ourselves half to death before we learned the difference between morbidity (illness) and mortality (death).

My daughter required a lot of special care at home. I found a few moms who had experience and burned up the phone lines comparing notes. I decided to start a support group and get input from more parents.

From the start, I spent a lot of time explaining the disease in Plain English. I even wrote out summaries of the medical articles.

At one point my daughter was in the hospital and a doctor said she had a instruction sheet with “everything you need to know” about taking care of a child with this disease at home. I bugged her and bugged her but she couldn’t find it.

I had nobody to talk to while we were in isolation so I started writing out what I had learned. I had sixteen pages of ideas when the doctor showed up with three whole paragraphs. I turned mine into a published book.

Next Steps…

I’m open to long-term or short-term projects. My contact info is bethpulsiferanderson at gmail or 301-213-9533