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Analyze your writing sample

Send me a writing sample and I will give you free editing feedback on the reading level and some ideas on how to make it more effective. Tell me a little about your audience and the goal of the piece you are sending.

I will will tell you the current reading level and compare it to the appropriate reading level for your audience,

I will also make suggestions that YOU can use to make the text clearer. (Developmental Feedback.) Suggestions on how to write in Plain Language.


Editing for clarity and reading level

Plain Language editing can mean heavy changes or totally rewriting the material. I have worked with doctors who think I only made some some minor improvements in their writing – – until I show them a marked up version with tons of red ink.

This type of editing is called copyediting, substantive or developmental.

Some writing examples in the portfolio are complete rewrites.

Creating a new publication / content

I can take your ideas and notes and other documents and write something entirely new.

I can take an existing document that is highly technical and rewrite it or summarize it for a non-technical audience.

Next Steps…

I’m available to work on your projects, small or large. Single documents or an ongoing series.